President Obama's visit to Utah

Had an incredible opportunity to photograph President Obama during his visit here in Utah! SLC mayor Ralph Becker's chief of staff contacted me about photographing Obama and I jumped at the chance! The event was three-fold.. cover Air Force One's arrival at Hill Air Force Base and (try to.. it was incredibly low light) photograph Obama after coming down the stairs and shaking hands with our local and state leaders. The 2nd event was the next morning when the President held a roundtable meeting on solar & renewable energy projects. The meeting wasn't open to all media.. just a couple local outlets and then the traveling White House press corp (AP, CNN, FOX, NYTimes, Reuters, Bloomberg News etc). I was allowed to be with that group who photographed the roundtable (in a VERY quick moment.. we only had 90 seconds). Fast was the only word to describe it. I was trying to get any/all photos I could in that short period.. I was even walking backwards taking photos after the Secret Service said we had to leave. (The last shot in that sequence was a Secret Service agent literally just standing in front of my camera after he told me twice to leave! We had a chuckle about it after). The 3rd portion was covering the President's speech about solar projects & putting recent veterans to work in the sustainable energy field. Everything went super fast.. except the hours of waiting around & thorough security checks. Incredible experience overall!